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During my time as an agency founder, I have seen first-hand how the work we do has a real impact on the people and brands we work with. My passion now is to speak about this - to show the real value of what we do, in an industry that is often undervalued.

My speaking engagements take me all over the world, from London to Frankfurt, Las Vegas, Cyprus and Hong Kong. I have spoken to a 1,000+ crowd in an arena, to more than 250 marketing experts at Marketing Week Live and am equally happy addressing small numbers of people at private functions.

What I talk about

As a speaker, I focus on the value of design and creativity. As a creative, I bring unique, humorous and engaging views to subjects as diverse as Design Thinking, Disruption, Play and Passion. I have also appeared on expert panels offering a creative insight into our increasingly tech-driven world.

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Talk 1 - Designed to Help - the effectiveness of design

What do we mean by design? Why it is so valuable to business? And why you really notice design when it is done badly? Drawing on my 20 years’ experience in the industry, I show examples of good and bad design and how it can add real value across all businesses and brands, whether large or small. Exploring how considered design can solve any problem. Design thinking can transform everything, from culture and brand, through to sales and marketing.

Talk 2 - No More Bullsh*t - how to create compelling content

We are now living in the Attention Economy, where brands fight for attention and the level of noise for users is almost overwhelming. This talk explores key points to help you see through the nonsense and deliver engaging campaigns and content.

Talk 3 - Brand or Bland? Effective marketing begins with an engaging brand

Without a strong brand, marketing is just a shot in the dark. Your brand should form the basis of all your storytelling. If you don't have this right, your messaging has no real sense of purpose or power. During this session we will explore the truth of what a brand is, why branding is so important, and how you can improve your current brand position, to ultimately improve your business.

Talk 4 - Using innovation to disrupt and engage

Much of what happens in many industries hasn't changed in decades. The need for disruption is greater than ever. This talk explores how any industry can think differently, to create innovation and improve engagement.

Talk 5 - How to unleash your creative mind

Creativity is not just for creatives. Everyone has the ability to use design thinking and come up with new and exciting ideas. This workshop-style talk explores what we mean by creativity, and how you can design solutions to any problem.

How to unleash your creative mind - GreenJam AIA
May 2022
TEDx Winchester
Apr 2022
Using Innovation to Disrupt and Engage at B2B Expo
Nov 2021
Brand or Bland at B2B Expo
Nov 2021
The Psychology of Storytelling - online (Slovenia)
Mar 2021
Thursday Thoughts - Storytelling with Winchester College
Oct 2020
Brand or bland - Winchester Rotary Club
Oct 2020
Thursday Thoughts - Storytelling: the National Trust
Jul 2020
Thursday Thoughts No. 5 / 5 How to unleash your creative mind
Jun 2020
Thursday Thoughts No. 4 / 5 Using innovation to disrupt and engage
May 2020
Thursday Thoughts No. 3 / 5 Brand or Bland? Effective marketing begins with an engaging brand
May 2020
Creative x Business 'Designed to Help - the effectiveness of design'
Apr 2020
Thursday Thoughts No. 2 / 5 No More Bullsh*t - how to create compelling content
Apr 2020
Thursday Thoughts No. 1 / 5 Designed to Help
Mar 2020
What Makes a Good Brand Work - Theatre Royal Winchester
Feb 2020
The Lygon Arms Luncheon
Dec 2019
The IMH Digital Cyprus Conference
Nov 2019
Imex Vegas, Vegas
Sep 2019
Squaremeal Venues and Events Live, London
Sep 2019
Agencynomics, London
Sep 2019
New Insights Clivedon House
May 2019
Imex Frankfurt
May 2019

Simon's talk, Designed To Help, was outstanding; humorous, engaging and insightful. It was also relevant to the audience, exploring how creative thinking can transform everything, from culture and brand through to sales and marketing. Simon’s passion for all things creative is infectious and I would highly recommend him as a speaker.

Lisa Lernoux-Dock

Sales Director MICE, Iconic Luxury Hotels

Simon spoke at Digital Wave, a conference to inspire young people to pursue a career in the digital industry. Simon is a great presenter - his presentation was fun and informative which was perfect for the audience especially as he kicked it off with an interactive game.

Michaela Dudfield

Marketing Manager, Redweb

Immensely humble and tastefully humorous. Simon makes waves with his messaging.

Amanda Warren

Strategic Partnerships - slido

Simon recently spoke at our agencynomics event and I think it’s fair to say his talk about his journey to date was one of the highlights of the day. Delivered effortlessly with humour yet despite all of his success, he was humble too. Simon is an extremely engaging speaker and we’d be happy to recommend him to speak at any event.

Pete Hoole

Founder, Cactus

We have worked with Simon on a number of events and we have always found him very informative, a great creative innovator and a very good communicator. We very much look forward to working with him again in the future.

Lisa Hatswell

Managing Director

Simon has a unique way in transmitting his knowledge. With his fun and very interactive speech, which was at the same time very educative and straight to the point, he kept the interest of the delegates during his whole presentation. He is one of the speakers that our public asked to see again in a future event of Digital Marketing.

Charis Pattoura


We wanted a solution that engaged our audiences and left them with experiences that they would remember... Thursday created a fully customised and seamless quiz platform to transform our group presentations into interactive sessions between ourselves and our target audience. The quiz, was high tech, branded and so much fun! The icing on the cake was when one of the team stepped up to deliver the quiz in French before an audience of French buyers, which was not part of the brief but definitely exceeded our expectations!

Hazel Foster from London & Partners 

Business Marketing Executive

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